Watch NFL Live Streaming Free

NFL live streaming free (Fubo 7 Day Free Trial)  : There was a time when people in the villages use to run back and forth from one cottage to the next in search of someone who could accompany them to the local tea shop with a tattered television set that never failed to showcase any cricket match or even a football tournament. You can read how to watch super bowl 52 live stream online free.


Seasons would come and go, but the people with their eager faces and keen eyes were like stubborn children that never let go. Their passion was a live thing on their faces which burst forth in a series of hooting and whistling when a goal went or a wicket was scored. But today, we see no such thing. People have progressed so far that they have got intact cable connections that run 24/7 without a pee-break(!)

Youngsters prefer watching NFL Live Streaming Free these days either on their desktop or on their high-tech gadget. Not necessarily surprising when people are so used to buying even bread n’ Nutella online!

How can you watch your favourite NFL games live stream this season?

If you want to watch NFL Live Streaming Free without spending not a single dime for a week, then here are the six ways to achieve the same.

  • Website Streaming Service FuboTv **Recommended**

Even if you have got plenty of services like YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV, and DirecTV, with subscription options like a price tag, you are still expected to pay (even though it’s a cheap rate). There is also a 7 Day-long free trial, meaning you can probably survive watching NFL live streaming online by trying out free trials available in multiple places and screaming hallelujah into a fake microphone. Register On FuboTV Here

NFL Streaming On FuboTV

Sign Up On FuboTV

Another point to note here is that CBS has got a streaming platform that renders football fans with all games of the network (which has got broadcasting rights). New subscribers will be offered a 5-7-day trial (make sure that you cancel it before they request a pay if you dont want to get continue watching…).

  • Verizon Wireless

With Verizon, you can now watch streamed live, local, and prime-time matches on CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and NFL Network on your mobile devices for free.

All you need to do is to download Verizon’s NFL Mobile app and watch NFL live streaming free without even spending any data. Apart from these developments, if you have got an Apple TV, Roku, or Chromecast, you can plug in the magic and see the players coming alive on your big screen.

  • Amazon Prime

Well, if you can subscribe to Amazon Prime not just for their premium packages, but also sign up for their amazing streamable shows and movies, then you have won the cup for the day.


The annual membership costs $99 (which you must obviously know) and to this bouquet, the pioneers have added another rose which is the ability to stream 11 regular seasons Thursday NFL games. If you want to try out how it all works and see if it can fit your bill, then they have got a 30-day Prime trial in their bag, which you must immediately make use of, mind you.

  • Periscope

If you aren’t huge on picture value and will tolerate really upsetting image quality, then you can look up Periscope. Here people usually record games via the live-streaming app which you can watch from your home (and not from a local tea shop).


It is owned by Twitter and will take to streaming both live pre- and post-game reporting for 10 games. These are the games that would be broadcast without charge.

  • Reddit

Reddit is an obvious first choice for advisory tips and what notch and if you didn’t know, they serve with great lists too. And some of them would lead you to websites which are visited by other users to watch NFL Streams (with esteemed success).

  • Google It

And when everything fails, every child and every adult does the final grace with Google. Tap in some keywords and see what comes up. You might come across a lot of dummy websites solely made for the sake of fooling you and depleting your time to actually watch the match, but you know what? Google anyway. Who knows, you might come across a live streaming website no one has ever heard or spoken about and which ended up to be one of the best available in the spectrum of Google (or even the Internet).

Things you have to worry about?

You won’t be able to guess the kind of malware attacks your device is in for. You don’t know if it’s all legal either. It all depends on the kind of luck you have got in your pockets with which you would be searching the whole of the Internet world. Some football fun must be surely worth it?

Doesn’t hurt if you can stream with some caution. Also, bear in mind that you may get shut out of your own window (pun unintended) for several times in a round.